As I was finishing my MS degree in physics at Marquette University, I began looking for the next step in my education. I always had a big interest in Canada and had driven through a good fraction of it during  the summer of 1960 when my brother Peter and I with a friend, Ed Schwartz, drove the Alcan highway to Fairbanks, Alaska from the Scranton, PA area. I applied to both the University of Alberta and the University of Saskatchewan. After receiving teaching assistant-ships in the physics department at the University of Saskatchewan (where there was a Cyclotron) and the University of Alberta (where there was a Van de Graff accelarator), I chose to go to the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta. In the mean time my brother Peter was in the second year of attending the University of Pittsburgh for his masters degree.  I arrived by rail in Edmonton and soon found a place to board some distance from the University with a Mrs. Mathews. I had a basement room and she provided meals. During that winter I got to know a number of people in the physics department and we all agreed to jointly rent a house adjacent to the University. We moved in the spring of 1962 to 11134 Eight St.


Five of the six of us at the house we rented at 11134 Eight St. We  just returned from a journey to the super market. We jointly purchased a large freezer and made jumbo size food purchases.


John in his basement bedroom at the 8th St. house.

Brother Peter joined the physics department that fall in pursuit of a PhD in Material Sciences. He had a room in the top floor of the house.




John and Peter with the Physics Department building  in the background.




I joined the Canadian Youth Hostels (CYH) and met a lot of young people from all over the world.

I bought a canoe. Did a lot of great adventures with the CYH group. Fishing, hunting, hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, and skiing.




John rock climbing on Roche Miete in Jasper Park with his friend Herb Strohbach. This was in the days when helmets were rarely used used.









My brother Peter joined me in Edmonton after he received his MSc degree from the University of Pittsburg. He also had a teaching fellowship and  worked towards a PhD in Material Science. He lived in the house with us on 8th Ave. We continued on enjoying activities such as skiing, hiking, backpacking, fishing, and duck hunting.