Immediate Family



John and Donna (Buxton) Pronko wedding picture, December 1963.


We were married in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada where John was in graduate school at the University of Alberta pursuing his PhD in Physics. We celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary December 2013.


 John’s family. Brother Peter (best man), John’s mother Mary, John’s father Steve, sister Cynthia, and brother David.


Michele was born in May 1965 in Freiburg, Germany where John was doing post doctoral research at the University of Freiburg.


GregSierra1974Circa 1972

Gregory – born in California on November 1970.


Image49Circa 1980

Donna, Greg, Michele, and John

Untitled-4 Family photo Circa 1987

GregEagleScoutpGreg achieves Eagle Scout (1988)

ChrisJohn1992Circa 1991.

Michele’s son Christopher (born April 1989), with grandpa John.



Circa 2001. 

Michele and her son Chris Longobardi.


Circa 2000. 

Donna and John

706_pb0324pronko_wedding_printSeptember 2012
Jenny Lightstone and Greg were married on Hanalei Beach in Kuaui.



Our son Greg, John, and our Grandson Chris at a winery in Napa Valley.

 IMG_0039pMay 2013
A family picture taken at grandson Chris’s graduation from the University of Nevada, Reno. Joe Jelic (Michele’s partner), Michele, Greg, Chris, Jenny, John, and Donna.

The family May 2015

DonnaJohn50th1315Donna and John’s 50th wedding anniversary dinner. December 2013


Donna’s Bio

The Soderbergs (who came from Sweden) went from Two Harbors, Mn to the Veteran (Consort) area to homestead when the land became available. Mabel was a baby. The Buxtons (who came from England) moved from South Dakota to the same area with Cy as a 1 ½ year old baby. Both Cy and Mabel were born in the states. They grew up in the Veteran area and eventually Cy married Mabel and his brother Paul married Irma who was Mabel’s sister. They were driven off the prairies by the draught. The other Buxtons stayed on the prairies while Cy and Paul decided to move to Meyerthorpe with the other Soderbergs.  Carlisle and Donna were born in Veteran at home. Marj was the first to be born in a hospital. Donna left Veteran at the age of 6 and Marj at the age of 4.


Donna was born in Veteran, Alberta, Canada in 1936.  Her parents were the offspring of farmers that had migrated from the United States. Her mother, Mabel Soderberg, was born in Minnesota and her father, Cyrus Solin Buxton was born in South Dakota.  Their  families migrated  independently to Alberta to homestead in 19xx.  Donna’s parents met in Veteran, Alberta and were married in 19zz.  The Soderbergs emigrated from Sweden and the Buxtons Emigrated from England.


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